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TABLE 5.3 Available Novell Clients




Special Features

DOS and Windows 3.x

Novell Client for Windows 3.1x

Uses only 4KB of conventional memory. Full 32-bit implementation. No longer included with NetWare.

Windows 95/98

Novell Client for Windows 95/98

Fully integrated with the Windows 95/98 Explorer. Included with NetWare versions after 4.11.

Windows NT

Novell Client for Windows NT

Replaces graphical login screen with an interface that allows you to simultaneously log in to both NetWare and Windows NT.


NetWare Client for OS/2

Not included with NetWare 5. Allows login from either a DOS or Windows session under OS/2.

Mac OS

NetWare Client for Mac OS

Not included with NetWare 5. Design and support for this client transferred to ProSoft Engineering



Microsoft Windows NT

Wih the same graphical interface as other versions of Windows and simple administration possible from the server console, Windows NT is a force to be reckoned with. Microsoft introduced Windows NT in 1993 with version 3.1 (about the same time Windows 3.1 was taking off as a desktop graphical interface for DOS). No one paid it much heed because it was fairly buggy, and a mountain of hardware was required to run it. This NOS went pretty much unnoticed until version 3.51 was introduced about a year later. Windows NT 3.51 was quite stable and, by this time, hardware vendors had

met the challenge with the 486 and Pentium processors. Because of its similarity to Windows 3.1 and its powerful networking features, Windows NT gained popularity. Microsoft began to put its significant marketing muscle behind it, and Windows NT started to become a viable alternative in the network operating system market previously dominated by Novell NetWare and the various flavors of Unix.

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