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If you are running a version of NetWare that uses NDS, your NDS tree should mimic your network. Figure 5.6 shows a sample network and its associated NDS tree design.

There are no «wrong» NDS tree designs. Some are just better for a particular network than others.

There are other, more detailed NDS design concepts. For more information on NDS design, see Mastering Novell Directory Services by Dave Kearns (Sybex, 2000).

Available Client Software

Diverse clients can talk to a NetWare server. To facilitate this, Novell developed client software that allows many client operating systems to take advantage of all NetWare features. Specifically, Novell’s clients (sometimes called NDS clients) enable access to the NDS database. Even though some clients are included with various operating systems and the vendors themselves design them, you should implement Novell’s client on the client operating systems you are running to get the most functionality out of NetWare—including being able to administer NetWare. The NetWare client written by Novell for the particular operating system provides full NDS functionality and is therefore the best choice for connecting that operating system to a NetWare network.

Table 5.3 lists the Novell clients that are available for NetWare and the special feature(s) of each.

There are NDS clients for Unix, but the Unix vendor usually develops them. One rare exception is UnixWare, a product Novell developed several years ago. This rather cool version of Unix has been completely integrated with NetWare.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»