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A.    A hacker has changed addresses on the server.

B.    The clients’ NICs are configured incorrectly.

C.    The server’s protocol is configured incorrectly.

D.    The Internet connection is configured incorrectly.

20.    The process of grouping computers for fault tolerance and load balancing is known as_.

A.    Grouping

B.    Clustering

C.    Loading

D.    Parceling

21.    What additional item is required to connect a PC to a DSL modem?

A.    NIC

B.    Modem

C.    Terminal Adapter

D.    Switch

22.    Which port number is used for DNS?

A.    TCP port 10

B.    UDP port 23

C.    TCP port 29

D.    UDP port 53

23.    Which Windows operating system(s) has/have local filesystem security? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Windows 9x

B.    Windows NT

C.    Windows 2000

D.    Windows 3.1

24.    An ISDN B channel typically carries how much data?

A.    4Kbps

B.    16Kbps

C.    32Kbps

D.    64Kbps

25.    Which network security implementation will decrease the apparent speed of Internet access?

A.    Password requirement

B.    Firewall

C.    Proxy server

D.    Blocking the ICMP port

26.    Which network setting in Windows 9x configures a workstation for DHCP?

A.    “Obtain IP address automatically”

B.    “DHCP enable”

C.    “Use DHCP for address”

D.    “Get IP address through DHCP”

27.    Of those listed, which Internet connection type has the most bandwidth?

A.    OC-3

Скачать в pdf «Network+»