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■ The new Java-based graphical interface

The new graphical interface is based on the Unix X Window standard and has been a long time coming. You can interact with a NetWare 5 server using the mouse to issue commands in this graphical environment, which is an option that was previously unavailable.

FIGURE 5.1 The NetWare command-line console

Portions Copyright <c> 1996 Helius, Inc.

Portions Copyright <c> 1998 Novell. Inc.

Internal symbol information loaded for FUUM2.NLM loaded java: Class sun.awt.tiny.UMMenuStrings exited successfully Loading module TASKBAR.NLM Fvwm TaskBar

dersion 2.43 August 14, 1998 Copyright Cc> 1994 Rob Nation Copyright <c> 1994 Mike Finger Portions Copyright <c> 1998 Novell, Inc.

Internal symbol information loaded for TASKBAR.NLM loaded Loading module KPMROOT.NLM H PixMap on Root Window Uersion 2.43 August 14, 1998 Copyright <c> 1993 Robert Nation Portions Copyright Cc> 1996 Helius, Inc.

Portions Copyright <c> 1998 Novell, Inc.

Tue Jan 5 16:26:14 1999

RC0NAG6 Remote console connection granted Sl:display servers

NU5_TREE_    0 NU5_TREE_    0 SI    0 S1_BR0KER    0

There are 4 known services.


FIGURE 5.2 The Monitor menu-based utility

NetWare 5 Console Monitor S.19

Server name: ’S1J in Directory tree JACME__TREEJ

Server version: NetWare 5.08 — August 27. 1998

General Information


Server up time:

Online processors: Original cache buffers: Total cache buffers: Dirty cache buffers:

Available Options

Storage devices Uolumes

LAN/WAN drivers Loaded modules File open/lock activity T Disk cache utilisation

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