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Novell NetWare

INetWare is one of the more powerful network operating systems on the market today. It is almost infinitely scalable and has support for multiple client platforms. Although many companies larger than a few hundred

stations are running NetWare, this NOS enjoys success in many different types of networks.

At the time of this writing, the current version of NetWare is version 5 (NetWare 6 beta version has been released) and includes workstation management support, Internet connectivity, web proxy, native TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) support, and continued support for its award-winning directory service, NDS.

For more information on NetWare, check out Novell’s website at

Features of NetWare

NetWare is popular in large networks (more than 20 servers) because of features such as centralized administration of all users and their properties. The most important features of NetWare 4.x and later are the following:

■    The directory service (NDS)

■    The simple user interface

   Fairly minimal hardware requirements

■    Scalable hardware support

■    Third-party support

■    Interoperability with many types of computer systems

NetWare has always been an excellent directory, file, and print server, but with its acquisition of many Java technologies, it is starting to encroach on the application server market. These features make NetWare an excellent choice in the directory, file, and print environments.

The NetWare Server User Interface

With NetWare 5 servers, you can choose from three interfaces:

■    The command-line console (see Figure 5.1)

■    The menu-based utilities (such as the Monitor utility shown in Figure 5.2)

Скачать в pdf «Network+»