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If the FTP server is available and running, you will receive a response welcoming you to the server and asking you for a username: ftp> open Connected to

220 nemesis FTP server ready.

User (

2. Enter a valid username and press Enter.

Most Internet web servers that allow just about anyone to download files also allow the username «anonymous.» Remember to type the username exactly and to double-check as you enter it because usernames are case sensitive. In addition to «anonymous,» you can use the username «ftp» to gain access to a public FTP server. They are both anonymous usernames. Remember that FTP (and Unix) usernames are case sensitive.

3. Enter your password and press Enter.

If you are accessing a private FTP server, you should use the username and password given to you by the administrator. If you are accessing a public FTP server with a username such as anonymous, you can use your e-mail address as the password.

You don’t have to enter your entire e-mail address to log in with the anonymous username. Most FTP server software doesn’t verify the actual e-mail address, just that it is, in fact, an e-mail address. To do this, it checks for an @ sign and two words separated by a period. You just need to enter a very short e-mail address to bypass the password (like This is especially helpful if you have a long

e-mail address. It’s also more secure if you don’t want lots of junk e-mail.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»