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The Network+ exam doesn’t ask specific details about how to upload and download files using FTP. You primarily need to know what the protocol is and does. You will get a brief introduction to uploading and downloading files in this section, however, because every network technician and administrator needs to know how to do this. As they come up, the specific commands necessary to perform those two operations will be discussed, as well as commands that relate to those processes. But first, let’s look at how to start the process.

Starting FTP and Logging In to an FTP Server

Of the two FTP file operations (download and upload), the ability to download files is the more important skill for a network technician or administrator to master, because network and client operating system drivers and patches are located on FTP servers throughout the Internet.

The first steps in starting an FTP download session are to determine the address of the FTP site and start the FTP utility. The FTP site typically has the same name as the website, except that the first three characters are FTP instead of WWW. For example, Novell Inc.’s website is Its FTP site, on the other hand, is We’ll use this FTP site as an example for the rest of this section.

First, start the FTP utility as discussed earlier, and then follow these steps:

1. At the FTP command prompt, type open, a space, and the name of the FTP server. For example:

FTP> open

You can also start an FTP session by typing FTP, a space, and the address of the FTP server (for example, FTP This allows you to start the FTP utility and open a connection in one step.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»