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Address Mask Replies



TCP Statistics

Active Opens

= 715

Passive Opens

= 0

Failed Connection Attempts

= 35

Reset Connections

= 638

Current Connections

= 1

Segments Received

= 15815

Segments Sent

= 15806

Segments Retransmitted

= 61

UDP Statistics

Datagrams Received

= 573

No Ports

= 946

Receive Errors

= 0

Datagrams Sent

= 492

The -n Switch

This switch is a modifier for the other switches. When used with other switches, it reverses the natural tendency of netstat to use names instead of network addresses. In other words, when you use the -n switch, the output always displays network addresses instead of their associated network names.

The -p Switch

Like the -n switch, the -p switch is a modifier. Typically used with the -s switch (discussed earlier), it specifies which protocol statistics to list in the output (IP, TCP, UDP, or ICMP). For example, if you want to view only ICMP statistics, you use the -p switch like so: netstat -s -p ICMP

The netstat utility then displays the ICMP statistics instead of the gamut of TCP/IP statistics that the -s switch normally produces.

The nbtstat Utility

ou’ll remember from the last chapter that NetBIOS associates names with workstations. But NetBIOS is only an upper-layer interface and requires a transport protocol. In many cases, TCP/IP is used. You use the nbtstat utility to do the following:

Скачать в pdf «Network+»