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NetBEUI (pronounced net-boo-ee) is an acronym formed from NetBIOS Extended User Interface, an implementation and extension of IBM’s NetBIOS transport protocol from Microsoft. NetBEUI communicates with the network through Microsoft’s NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification). Today, NetBEUI is shipped with all versions of Microsoft’s operating systems and is generally considered to have a lot of overhead. NetBEUI also has no networking layer and therefore no routing capability, which means that it is suitable only for small networks; you cannot build internetworks with NetBEUI, and so it is often replaced with TCP/IP. Microsoft has added extensions to NetBEUI in Windows NT to remove the limitation of 254 sessions per node; this extended version of NetBEUI is called the NetBIOS Frame (NBF).

WINS is used in conjunction with TCP/IP and maps NetBIOS names to IP addresses. For example, you have a print server on your LAN that you have

come to know as PrintServerl. In the past, to print to that server you needed only to remember its name and to select that name from a list. However, TCP/IP is a completely different protocol and doesn’t understand NetBIOS names; it therefore has no way of knowing the location of those servers or their addresses. That’s where WINS comes in.

Each time you access a network resource on a Windows NT network using TCP/IP, your system needs to know the host name or IP address. If WINS is installed, you can continue using the NetBIOS names that you have previously used to access the resources, because WINS provides the crossreference from name to address for you.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»