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Exam Objectives

In this section, we are going to look at the objectives that the Network+ exam is designed to test. These objectives were developed by a group of networking-industry professionals through the use of an industry-wide job task analysis. CompTIA asked groups of IT professionals to fill out a survey rating the skills they felt were important in their job. The results were grouped into objectives for the exam. Each of these objectives is divided into four domains. The following table indicates the extent to which they are represented in the actual examination.

Network+ Certification Domain Areas    % of Examination

1.0    Media & Topologies    20%

2.0    Protocols & Standards    25%

3.0    Network Implementation    23%

4.0    Network Support    32%

Total    100%

This section includes the outline of the exam objectives for the Network+ exam and the weighting of each objective category.

The objectives and weighting percentages given in this section can change at any time. Check CompTIA’s website at for a list of the most current objectives.

1.1    Recognize the following logical or physical network topologies given a schematic diagram or description (3%):

■    Star/hierarchical

■    Bus




1.2    Specify the main features of 802.2 (LLC), 802.3 (Ethernet), 802.5 (Token Ring), 802.11b (wireless), and FDDI networking technologies, including (3%):






1.3    Specify the characteristics (e.g., speed, length, topology, cable type, etc.) of the following (3%):

■    802.3 (Ethernet) standards

Скачать в pdf «Network+»