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8.    C. Domain Name Services (DNS) is the primary method most Unix implementations use to map logical names to network (IP) addresses. Although some versions of Unix can use WINS and NDS, DNS is the preferred method.

9. C, E. Answers C and E, TFTP and NetBIOS, both use a connectionless transport. Answer B is, in fact, a connection-oriented transport protocol. HTTP uses TCP, so it is therefore connection-oriented.

And IP is a Network layer protocol.

10.    C. Of all the protocols listed, HTTP is the only one that uses a connection-oriented transport protocol (TCP). The others use connectionless transport.

11.    A. Although WINS is a name resolution that does use TCP/IP, it works only on Windows-based networks. The only true name resolution system that almost every TCP/IP network uses is DNS.

12.    D. The Data Link layer is divided into two sublayers: the MAC sublayer and an LLC sublayer. The other layers aren’t normally subdivided.

13.    C. The Session layer is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and breaking down dialog.

14.    C. The services listed are all network applications, and the only layer that provides network application services is the Application layer.

15.    A. The Network layer is responsible for packaging data into packets. The other layers use different terms for data packages, such as frames.

16.    B. All of the devices listed, except the NIC, are external devices. Additionally, there is usually only one of each of the other devices on a network, but there has to be at least one NIC per station.

Скачать в pdf «Network+»