Modernity and Technology

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edited by

Thomas J. Misa, Philip Brey, and Andrew Feenberg

Modernity and Technology

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Modernity and Technology edited by

Thomas J. Misa, Philip Brey, and Andrew Feenberg

The MIT Press Cambridge, Massachusetts London, England

©2003 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Modernity and technology / edited by Thomas J. Misa, Philip Brey, and Andrew Feenberg. p. cm

ISBN 0-262-13421-7 (hc. : alk. paper)

1. Technology—Social aspects. I. Misa, Thomas J. II. Brey, Philip.

III. Feenberg, Andrew.

T14.5 .M63 2003

303.48’3—dc21    2002071754 10 987654321


Acknowledgments vii Workshop Participants ix

1 The Compelling Tangle of Modernity and Technology 1

Thomas J. Misa

1    Modernity Theory and Technology Studies

2    Theorizing Modernity and Technology 33

Philip Brey

3    Modernity Theory and Technology Studies: Reflections on Bridging the Gap 73

Andrew Feenberg

4    Critical Theory, Feminist Theory, and Technology Studies 105

Barbara L. Marshall

II Technologies of Modernity

5    Modernity under Construction: Building the Internet in Trinidad 139

Don Slater

6    Surveillance Technology and Surveillance Society 161

David Lyon

Скачать в pdf «Modernity and Technology»