Mac OS X Bible

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“I’m certain that the book you’re holding right now is the best Mac OS X book available.”

—Jim Held, “Mac Focus” columnist, Los Angeles Times


Version 10.1!

Navigate the new Aqua interface, from the Dock to the new Finder menus

Harness the Classic environment to run older programs

Take advantage of Sherlock, iTunes, multiuser capabilities, networking, and more

Г Bibb

The classic Mac OS

reference — over 200,000 copies

in print of all editions!

LLon Poole,    d author of the Macworld Mac OS 9 Bible,

and Dennis R. Cohen, author of Macworld AppleWorks 6 Bible

Macworld® Mac® OS X Bible: Covers Version 10.1

Macworld® Mac® OS X Bible: Covers Version 10.1

Lon Poole and Dennis R. Cohen

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Macworld® Mac® OS X Bible: Covers Version 10.1

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Скачать в pdf «Mac OS X Bible»