JSP Tag Libraries

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<%=request.getAttribute(«orderId»)%> О </strong>.


<p align=»left»>

A receipt has not been sent to your email address (<bean:show name=»customer»


, as we encountered delivery problems.




О Defines this page as an error page. e Includes the user menu view.
О Displays the value of the parameter ‘orderId’ in the request scope.

О Displays the user’s email address as stored in the Customer EJB in the session scope We tell the user that the order has been received, but that we were unable to mail a receipt to the user’s email address as it appears in the user’s profile (Customer EJB). We don’t need to use the Customer EJB for anything but displaying its information, so we never add it to the page scope.

14.3.5 Controller

The controllers are implemented as a number of Session EJBs.
Figure 14.13 illustrates their remote interfaces and their relations to the entity EJBs described earlier.

EJB-driven WAPStore

Figure 14.13 The Session EJBs acting as controllers In the application

There are three Session EJBs. For more information about their implementation, download the application as described in appendix C. Inside the application, you will find the source code for all the EJBs listed in
table 14.3.

Table 14.3 The Session EJBs acting as Controllers





Used to retrieve collections of remote interfaces for the Category and Product Entity EJB in the form of Collections.


Used to retrieve the remote interface of the Customer Entity EJB. A username must be passed as a string to the getCustomer() method of the CustomerManager.

Скачать в pdf «JSP Tag Libraries»