JSP Tag Libraries

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Displays currency formatted with a certain Locale.




Prevents client-side caching of the page.




Redirects the request to a given location.


14.1.2    WAP

WAP, as you recall from chapter
1, is used to interact with online services from wireless devices such as cellular phones and PDAs. This chapter will present an application for generating WAP content.

Since some WAP devices do not support cookies, WML content must use URL encoding techniques in order to maintain a session state. Adding the current Session ID to any URL reference does this. In most cases our application server handles this for us; the few occasions in which we have to do so manually are illustrated in the JSP pages in this chapter.

In the application for this case study, we have tried to minimize the number of interactions between the client and the server, while still maintaining control of the flow of events. The application features a rather rude interface in order to support as many devices as possible. We have elected to develop the application for WML 1.1, as this is commonly supported by a large number of devices.

14.1.3    EJB

Throughout this case study, we will use EJBs as a control layer and as the model layer. Session beans will control the interaction between the user’s request and the entities, and we will implement the entities as Entity beans. For more information about EJB and J2EE, see chapter

Скачать в pdf «JSP Tag Libraries»