JSP Tag Libraries

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Obra muy util y en special para los que tienen la del viajero universal Which we loosely translate as:

General Collection of Costumes currently used in the Nations of the Known World, designed and printed with great exactitude by R.M.V.A.R. This work is very useful especially for those who hold themselves to be universal travelers Although nothing is known of the designers, engravers and artists who colored this illustration by hand, the “exactitude” of their execution is evident in this drawing. The Gran General is just one of a colorful variety of figures in this collection which reminds us vividly of how distant and isolated from each other the world’s towns and regions were just 200 years ago. Dress codes have changed since then and the diversity by region, so rich at the time, has faded away. It is now often hard to tell the inhabitant of one continent from another. Perhaps we have traded a cultural and visual diversity for a more varied personal life—certainly a more varied and interesting world of technology. At a time when it can be hard to tell one computer book from another, Manning celebrates the inventiveness and initiative of the computer business with book covers based on the rich diversity of regional life of two centuries ago—brought back to life by the pictures from this collection.

Part I

The language of tags


hapters 1 through 5 set the stage for tag development with an introduction to JSP tags, the world in which they exist, and a look at the rules by which they are developed and used. In this section, you’ll learn what tags are, why they are needed, and the basic ground rules for building custom JSP tags. This introduction prepares you for part II, which will teach you to enhance your skills by learning common tag building techniques.

Скачать в pdf «JSP Tag Libraries»