JSP Tag Libraries

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about this book

JSP custom tags is a new technology that has one main objective: defining a component model for JavaServer Pages (JSP). JSP tags let programmers develop JSP-aware components that can later be used by others in the development process, starting with peer developers and ending with nonprogrammer HTML coders who are part of the team.

Using custom tags in web projects is a great productivity boost. By building a tag-based application you can assemble your project, using existing tags that are available from third parties (either as open-source or for purchase) and, more importantly, develop your own JSP tags to meet your specific needs. Developing custom tags is the focus of this book.

Who should read it?

We assume that our readers know their way around Java, are familiar with HTML, and have some background working with JSP, although the latter is not necessary.

JSP custom tags are related to JSP, and JSP in turn relates to the Web and to Java; however, we are not going to devote much space to those three subjects. There are many good Java books in print and we did not see a reason to write yet another one. Nor is this book intended to be an HTML reference or a JSP primer; again, each of these subjects deserves (and has) books of its own. This book does include two chapters that introduce the Web and JSP so that you can dive right in, even without prior JSP knowledge.

How is it organized?

The book has 15 chapters organized into 5 parts, plus 3 appendices, as follows:

Скачать в pdf «JSP Tag Libraries»