Java 2EE and XML Development

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JUnit has also been extended to do more specific types of testing as well. For automated Web testing there is HTTPUnit. For server-side J2EE testing there are JUnitEE and Apache’s Cactusproject. Information about HTTPUnit and JUnitEE can be found on the JUnit site listed above. Information about Cactus is at

For performance testing, you may choose to purchase a commercial product that can simulate heavy usage of your applications. Some vendors in this area offer a testing product to purchase and will also test and monitor your application’s performance over the Internet for you. If you are in need of such services, you may want to investigate the Mercury Interactive testing tools at

Problem tracking tools

The tool you use to track application errors during (and after?) testing is an important component of your development process. Software developers often struggle with what to do once a problem has been discovered. The bug must be identified, documented, and reproduced several times. Then it must be assigned to a developer for resolution and tracked until it has been fixed. Seems simple, but the implementation of this process is often overly complicated and mismanaged.

Teams usually implement problem tracking in very nonstandardized and problematic ways. Emails, spre
adsheets, and MS Access databases are not uncommon implementations of bug logs. Many development projects use a bug tracking database, usually written in-house by a college intern with limited skills. These one-off tracking mechanisms suffer because they do not feature a notification system and are often improperly used by testers, project managers, and developers.

To generalize a bit, there are a couple of key components to making bug tracking and resolution successful on a J2EE development project, or, for that matter, any other software development project. The first component is to design a process for error resolution as part of your development methodology. The second component is to have a tool that is easy to use and provides built-in workflow and management reporting. Ideally, you would have a tracking

Скачать в pdf «Java 2EE and XML Development»