Java 2EE and XML Development

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The solution to both these problems is to find or develop a JAAS module that integrates well with your application object, data, and security models. Being able to map container-understood values to meaningful application data is the key. If this cannot be done, using container-level security can be problematic. We have not seen any implementations that do this well, but remain hopeful that such advances will be developed.


Getting started

1.2    The J2EE development process

Implementing a complex software system is all about managing complexity, eliminating redundant efforts, and utilizing development resources effectively. This is especially true in the J2EE environment, where you are building an n-tier, distributed system. Determining what process you will follow to complete your application on time and on budget is the first critical step on the path to success. You must then determine which tools to use and how to use them to support your development process. Because these decisions are so critical, this section provides an overview of some of the most popular development methodologies and tools used on J2EE projects.

1.2.1    J2EE and development methodologies

Numerous development methodologies exist for object-oriented projects, and choosing one to adopt can be difficult.

DEFINITION A development methodology defines a process for building software, including the steps to be taken and the roles to be played by project team members.

For component-based development with J2EE and XML, finding one that exactly fits your needs is even more challenging. This is true because most development methodologies are robust project management frameworks, generically designed to aid in the development of software systems from the ground up. J2EE development is about implementing applications in an existing middleware environment, and the detailed, complicated processes prescribed by most methodologies can be partly inapplicable or simply too cumbersome to be useful on J2EE projects.

Скачать в pdf «Java 2EE and XML Development»