Java 2EE and XML Development

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There is also ongoing work to develop a Java API for XML-RPC, called JAX-RPC. This API will be closely aligned with SOAP and other XML messaging technologies championed by the W3C. The JAX-RPC effort is focused on defining a mapping between Java classes, interfaces, and data types and XML data types and messaging protocols. This mapping is intended to make RPC over XML protocols like SOAP easier to use in the Java environment.

Since JAX-RPC is in its very early stages, it is not possible to demonstrate its use in this book. It is possible that the entire API will be subsumed into another API such as JAXM in the future. However, you should watch the development of this API closely going forward.

XML and object level integration

XML might also be used in special cases where object level interaction is required. Consider the situation in which you need to exchange a shared object with another system, but using a distributed object architecture is not possible. This could be due to security concerns or other technical limitations. In such a situation, you might decide to serialize a Java object as an XML document, transmit it to the remote system, and reactivate it there. As long as the remote system is Java-based and the object is self-contained, this can be 
accomplished using JAXM (over SOAP) and the Java API for XML Binding (JAXB). This is an admittedly contrived example, and is intended only to open your mind to the possibility of using XML even in situations of tightly coupled, all-Java systems integration efforts too.

Скачать в pdf «Java 2EE and XML Development»