Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics

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There has been significant progress in the development of microfluidics and nanofluidics at the application as well as at the fundamental and simulation levels since the publication of an earlier volume of this book (2001). We have, therefore, undertaken the “nontrivial” task of updating the book in order to include these new developments. The current book covers length scales from angstroms to microns (and beyond), while the first volume covered scales from one hundred nanometers to microns (and beyond). We have maintained the emphasis on fundamental concepts with a mix of semi-analytical, experimental, and numerical results, and have outlined their relevance to modeling and analyzing functional devices. The first two co-authors (GK and AB) are very pleased to have a new co-author, Prof. N.R. Aluru, whose unique contributions have made this new volume possible. We are also grateful to Springer, and in particular to Senior Editor in Mathematics Dr. Achi Dosanjh, who gave us this opportunity.

The majority of the new developments are in Chapters 7 through 18, most of which contain totally new material. In addition, all other Chapters (1 through 6) have been modified, and in some cases new material has also been added. We have divided the material into three main categories by subject:

1.    Gas Flows (Chapters 2-6).

2.    Liquid Flows (Chapters 7-13)

3.    Simulation Techniques (Chapters 14-18)

The last category also contains two Chapters (17 and 18) on low-dimensional modeling and simulation, in addition to chapters on multiscale modeling of gas and liquid flows. The entire material can be used in a two-semester first- or second-year graduate course. Also, selected chapters can be used for a short course or an undergraduate-level course.

Скачать в pdf «Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics»