Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics

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w(z) = {


Z > dn

where dmi is the support size of a cloud (see Figure 14.9), and c is the dilation parameter, which is taken as dmi/2. In two dimensions, the kernel function is constructed as

ф^ — xi, y — yi) = ф^ — xi)ф(у — yI).

Also, C(x,y,xk — s,yk — t) is the correction function, which is given by

C(x, y, xk — s,yk — t) = pT(xk — s,yk — t)c(x, y),    (14.11)

PT = {Pi ,p2,… ,pm} is an m x 1 vector of basis functions. In two dimensions, a quadratic basis vector is given by

pT = [1, xk    — s,yk    — t, (xk    —    s)2, (xk    — s)(yk — t),    (yk    —    t)2] , m =    6.

Finally, c(x, y) is an m x 1 vector of unknown correction function coefficients. The correction function coefficients are computed by satisfying the consistency conditions, i.e.,

/ PT (xk—s,yk —t)c(x,y)ф(xk s, yk —t)pi(s,t)dsdt = Pi(x,y), i = 1,…,m. Jn

, In discrete form, the above equation can be written as


^2 PT (xk — xi, yk — yi )c(x,y)ф(xk — xi ,yk — yi )pi (xi ,yi )AVi = Pi(x,y),


i = 1,…,m,

where NP is the number of points in the domain and AVi is the nodal volume of node I (the nodal volumes can be simply set to unity; see (Aluru and Li, 2001; Aluru, 2000), for a more detailed discussion on nodal volumes). The above equation can be written in matrix form as

Скачать в pdf «Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics»