Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics

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6.5.3 Short Channels and Filters

In this section we summarize rarefied flow through microfilters and short channels following    the    DSMC    analysis    in    (Aktas    et    al.,    2001;    Aktas and

Aluru, 2002). In Figure 6.27 we present the geometry, where the physical filter surfaces are indicated with the bold lines (G and J). The length and height of the filter channel are denoted by lc and hc, respectively. The geometry includes an input region of length l;n and an output region of length lout. Periodic boundary conditions are applied on surfaces C, D, E, and F to simulate a periodic array of filter elements. Dimensions of various filter elements used in this work are listed in Table 6.2.

Constant-pressure boundary conditions are applied along the surfaces A and B. The temperature of the input and output streams are kept at 300 K. In the simulations of (Aktas et al., 2001), the outlet pressure (at B) is held at atmospheric conditions, while the input pressure is varied to investigate the flowrate dependence on the inlet to exit pressure difference. In the following results, we present only the cases in which a pressure difference of 0.3 atm is applied across the filter elements. The specifics of the DSMC are presented in (Aktas et al., 2001; Aktas and Aluru, 2002). In summary,










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