Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics

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Finally, in Chapter 18 we discuss the application of these techniques to several examples in microflows. First, we present circuit and device models and their application to lab-on-a-chip systems. Then, we discuss reduced-order modeling of squeezed film damping by applying equivalent circuit, Galerkin, mixed-level, and black box models. Next, we present a compact model for electrowetting. Finally, we summarize some of the software packages that are available for reduced-order simulation.

We are very grateful to Prof. Chih-Ming Ho who agreed to provide a foreword to our book. We would like to thank all our colleagues from many different countries who have allowed us to use their work in the previous and this new and expanded edition of the book. We also want to thank Ms. Madeline Brewster at Brown University for her assistance with all aspects of this book, and our students who helped with formatting the figures, especially Vasileios Symeonidis, Pradipkumar Bahukudumbi, and Aveek Chat-terjee. AB would like to thank his students I. Ahmed, P. Bahukudumbi, Prof. P. Dutta, Dr. J. Hahm, H.J. Kim, S. Kumar, Dr. J.H. Park, and Prof. C. Sert. The last author (NRA) would like to acknowledge the help of all his students, especially Chatterjee, De, Joseph, and Qiao for letting him use some of the results from their thesis work. NRA is very grateful to Profs. Karniadakis and Beskok for the opportunity to co-author this book with them. NRA would like to thank Profs. Dutton (Stanford), Hess (UIUC), Karniadakis (Brown), Law (Stanford), Pinsky (Stanford), Senturia (MIT), and White (MIT) for mentoring his career.

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Скачать в pdf «Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics»