Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics

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3.4 Cavity Flow

We now address rarefaction effects in a microcavity, where the flow is driven by the moving upper wall. The results presented here were obtained by Nie, Doolen, and Chen (1998) using the lattice Boltzmann method (see Section 15.5). The cavity size is 40 x 40 in lattice units. The upper wall moves with a constant    velocity    U0    from    left    to right,    while    the    other    three    walls    are

at rest. The Reynolds number and the Mach numbers are both very small

Kn=0.00485    Kn=0.388


FIGURE 3.23. Distance of the vortex center (у-coordinate) from the lower wall and corresponding mass flux as functions of Knudsen number. (Courtesy of X. Nie, G.D. Doolen, and S. Chen.)

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