Fireworks MX Bible

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‘Joseph Lowery and Derren Whiteman provide details and examples essential for the Web . graphics professional.”

David Morris, Fireworks Product Manager, Macromedia

Includes 16 pages of full-color examples

Create trafficstopping vector or bitmap Web graphics and animations

Build eye-catching effects using layers, rollovers, frames, and slices

Master the new interface and improved graphics and Web connectivity tools



Fireworks tools plus Fireworks MX trial version and more

W6ry, bestselling author of Dreamweaver MX Bible

and Derren Whiteman

Foreword by David Morris, Fireworks Product Manager, Macromedia

Fireworks® MX Bible

Fireworks ‘ MX Bible

Joseph W. Lowery and Derren Whiteman

Wiley Publishing, Inc.

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Fireworks® MX Bible

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Скачать в pdf «Fireworks MX Bible»