EJB Design Patterns

Скачать в pdf «EJB Design Patterns»

EJB™ Design Patterns

Dear TheServerSide member,

Thank you for downloading the PDF version of the complete EJB Design Patterns. This book represents the hard work of myself, and the many developers from TheServerSide and around the industry, which contributed to this book via ideas, reviews, and more. The intention of the PDF is to give you free access to preview the book.

On a more personal note, my main motivation behind writing this book is to help others in the community save time and frustration by using the cataloged knowledge in this book. As a result, I want to get this book into as many hands if possible. If you read this PDF and decide not to buy it, I am happy that you at least have it in your hands and can make use of it in some form or other.

The inspiration to offer this free PDF download came from Ed Roman, who initially offered his book Mastering EJB (Wiley) on TheServerSide in 1999 (his second edition is now available for download as well). Ed believes that this move will not reduce book sales. I have to agree with him. I think that if you really like this book, you will want to own it for yourself.

If you like this book, then you can buy it right now from Amazon.com:


Let your friends and associates know that the book can be downloaded off of TheServerSide. You may also want to check out The Middleware Company (http://www.middleware-company.com/), which offers training courses in EJB. You can learn the patterns in this book hands on in our popular EJB for Architects course.

Скачать в pdf «EJB Design Patterns»