Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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We’ve just skimmed the surface of Windows 2000 Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame in this chapter. The rest of this book will give much more in-depth information about each of the features we’ve mentioned, as well as many others that we haven’t. Hopefully you’ve got a good sense of where thin-client computing has come from and where it could be taking your network.


Q: I updated one of my member servers to a new Citrix service pack, and now it is taking over the master browser duties from my dedicated master browser. Why?

A: The updated server has a newer version of the ICA Browser Service, and will always win the browser election because of it. Upgrade your master browser with the same service pack.

Q: I have users that need to use Macintosh and UNIX workstations to connect to my server. Can I just use Terminal Services?

A: Yes, but you will need to get a third-party RDP client to connect.

Microsoft’s RDP client is limited to 16- and 32-bit Windows operating systems only.

Q: Where can I find good thin-client resources on the Web?

A: There are some very good thin-client sites. Places like,, and all provide excellent resources. In addition, Microsoft ( windows2000) and Citrix ( both provide extensive documentation on their Web sites.

Q: I am planning an upgrade of my network environment and need to decide between using just Windows 2000 Terminal Services and installing Citrix MetaFrame. I will need an enterprise-wide solution that allows me to provide applications via Web pages to remote users. Which application package or packages do I need?

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»