Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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Figure 1.14 Load-balanced environment.

Citrix Load Balancing requires an individual CLB license for each server that will be load balanced. In addition, any application that will be load-balanced on more than one server must be installed on each additional server that might host it. Servers can be added or removed from the load-balanced environment on the fly, letting administrators do routine maintenance on one machine while the other servers continue to provide the load-balanced application. If a machine is removed from the load-balanced list for an application, current users will be unaffected but no new users will be connected to that machine for that application.

Citrix Load Balancing is also much easier to implement than NLB. Turning CLB on merely requires activating the appropriate license on that machine, installing an application, and adding that server to the list of servers running a particular published application. No additional hardware or software is required to implement CLB in a MetaFrame environment. CLB is administrator-friendly and can greatly expand the reach of your environment.

Server Farming with Citrix

To further promote the enterprise scalability features of MetaFrame, Citrix introduced Citrix Server Farms. A Server Farm is a group of servers that typically publish the same applications, can be logically grouped together to centralize application management, and can easily deploy a large number of published applications to a variety of users. Citrix Server Farms eliminates multiple logins by authenticating the user when they sign on to the Program Neighborhood and carrying those credentials to any server to which a session request is made.

In addition, Citrix Server Farms allow administrators to easily distribute application sets to users based on their access rights. Once the user logs in to Program Neighborhood, they will be presented with shortcuts to any application that they are authorized to access in that Server Farm. Administrators can also use Citrix Server Farms to automatically publish the shortcut to a user’s desktop or Start menu. User credentials are established through Windows trust relationships when a Server Farm spans multiple domains. Server Farms can only span multiple domains if ICA Gateways have been established.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»