Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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■    Pooled license count

■    A list of all known Citrix servers

   A list of all published applications

   A list of disconnected user sessions and the servers they are connected to

■    Load calculations if Citrix Load Balancing is installed

■    Information on the backup master browsers


Use the QSERVER command to return a list of all Citrix servers and their status information. As part of this information, you can tell which servers are master or backup browsers by looking for the M or B character on the far right.

ICA Gateways

Since an ICA master browser can only manage its own subnet, Citrix developed ICA gateways to allow multiple master browsers to communicate with one another. The master browsers share published application information between themselves via TCP/IP or IPX packets, and any routers between them must pass that traffic. Gateways are independent of each other. A gateway between A and B and a gateway between B and C will not allow A to speak with C.

Establishing an ICA gateway requires a local server and remote server. These do not have to be the master browsers for their subnet. When gateway communications are requested, the local machine will contact the local master browser that will then contact the remote master browser. Gateways can only be established across multiple domains if the appropriate Windows trust relationships also exist.


MetaFrame provides only minimal encryption support for its ICA connections straight out of the box. The only available encryption levels are basic or none. Basic encryption uses an algorithm of less than 40 bits in size. To achieve more secure communications with the ICA client, Citrix has an option pack known as SecureICA for MetaFrame. SecureICA gives the licensee 40-, 56-, or 128-bit encryption capabilities using the RC5 standard developed by RSA. When a client uses SecureICA, a 128-bit key is always used during the authentication process, regardless of the session key. With the recent release of Feature Release 1, Citrix has provided SecureICA capability to all of its Subscription Advantage holders. They no longer are forced to purchase a separate SecureICA license.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»