Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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■    Remove the MetaFrame Management toolbar.

■    Implement disk quotas to limit user disk use.

If you really want to tighten down the environment:

■    Prevent right-click on the desktop.

■    Clear the Start menu except for Shut Down (with Shut Down server removed) and Printers window.

■    Do not allow users to install printers.

■    Allow users to only run applications from icons on the desktop. Then publish applications to add an icon to the user desktop.

■    Remove My Computer and My Network Places from the desktop.

These are just a few of the user configuration features that can be configured using IntelliMirror and Group Policy. In some cases it may not be necessary to provide users with a Windows desktop. With the introduction of NFuse it is possible to embed Program Neighborhood within a Web page. Using this tool it is often possible to create an acceptable user environment by creating a Web page with relevant content links in addition to icons to a user’s applications.


To keep roaming profile sizes to a minimum, configure Group Policy to redirect My Documents folders, Internet Explorer-related files (temporary Internet files, cookies, etc.) that are stored within the profile by default to a separate file server. This will minimize the time it takes to load the user profile at application launch.

Installing NFuse

NFuse is a free add-on to Citrix MetaFrame that makes publishing applications over the Web easy to the point of making it an essential feature of any MetaFrame deployment. With the release of Feature Release 1 and NFuse 1.5 creating a secure (up to 128-bit encryption) environment for Program Neighborhood, published applications can be implemented in less than an hour using the default installed Web pages. Use of scripting tools and the Web Site Wizard makes creating a customized Web site that includes access to applications through an intranet, extranet, or the Internet a relatively easy task. Using NFuse 1.5 to deploy applications over the Internet creates a method for rapidly deploying applications to remote offices and telecommuters that is very cost efficient when compared to point-to-point connectivity, firewalls, and application redesign. There are two steps to installing NFuse. First, install the NFuse extensions to your MetaFrame server. Next, install Web extensions to a Web server. NFuse supports several types of Web servers. The steps for installing NFuse 1.5 and Web Extensions to Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) are outlined below.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»