Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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8. A warning box (Figure 8.7) indicates that applications installed before MetaFrame could be affected by the drive remapping feature. Whenever possible avoid this conflict by installing MetaFrame before installing applications on the server. If you already have applications installed, the MetaFrame README file describes the procedure for modifying the registry to resolve any conflicts.

Figure 8.7 The drive remapping warning box.

9. The Server Drive Reassignment window (Figure 8.8) enables the drive remapping feature and customization of the initial drive letter. For clustering and load-balancing applications make sure you configure all servers with the same drive remapping configuration to prevent complications in application publishing and administration.

Figure 8.8 The Server Drive Reassignment window.

10. Figure 8.9 displays the final window of the MetaFrame installation procedure. Clicking Finish in this window initiates a system reboot. When the system comes back up, you will have successfully installed Citrix MetaFrame.

Figure 8.9 The System Reboot window.


If you are building a server for a pilot program or configuring multiple servers that will be configured with the same applications, do not install license packs during installation. Following installation, you can install your applications and then conduct a full backup of the server. This allows you to restore the server during a pilot rather than reinstalling if your pilot goes beyond 35 days. Likewise, you can use the configured server with no license packs installed as a master image for multiple servers using Sys Prep and the imaging tool of your choice.

Integrating with the Active Directory

Active Directory is a significant leap forward for administration, security, desktop control, and versioning of configurations. Group Policy advances well beyond NT 4.0 system policies to integrate security and user configuration into roaming policies that can roam between desktop (fat client) and published application configurations. When designing your MetaFrame environment it is best to dedicate MetaFrame servers to application serving only. Installing MetaFrame on a domain controller does not allow anonymous access to applications from that server. Also, the overhead induced by domain controller and/or Active Directory services reduces the number of user sessions that can be hosted by a MetaFrame server. Maximize your investment in MetaFrame by taking advantage of Active Directory services and using your MetaFrame servers for application hosting only.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»