Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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The Terminal Services Advanced client can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site. Currently, this is the only way to obtain the TSAC. To install, you simply run the self-extracting executable file.

Client Connection Manager

The Client Connection Manager can be used to manage all of your connections. You can save connection configurations for later use. The Client Connection Manager is also what you would use to create the .CNS file used for automated installations. Let’s start by creating a connection.

1.    Start by choosing New Connection from the Client Connection Manger File menu.

2.    You are then taken to the Client Connection Wizard (Figure 5.15). First you must enter a connection and either a server name or IP address. You are also given the option of browsing the network for a Terminal Server.

Figure 5.15 Client Connection Manager wizard.

3. Next you are the given the option to input logon information

(Figure 5.16). If you input the logon information here, you will not be prompted when you attempt to make a connection. Inputting logon information here can cause two problems. First, it could cause security issues, because anyone who has access to the machine can log on to your Terminal Server without having to input a username and password. Second, if your account passwords periodically expire, the user will receive an error when trying to make a connection after his or her password has expired.

Figure 5.16 Logon information.

4.    Next you are asked to input a screen size (Figure 5.17). The screen sizes available to you are dependent upon the resolution of your current windows session.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»