Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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■    Provide Internet access to all clients via Terminal Servers

■    Provide access to a SQL server via Terminal Servers

■    Provide access to file and print servers residing on the LAN via the Terminal Server

Let’s also assume that you’ll be supporting 5000 users simultaneously on the LAN with sporadic access via the Internet. We’ll take these requirements into account individually to come up with a solution.


For the sake of discussion and ease, let’s assume that all the extra services the clients need are on the LAN. First, you need to provide the necessary underlying bandwidth for the clients. As stated before, we need approximately 30 KB of bandwidth per user. For 5000 users, that’s going to be 150 MB. Now let’s build your network. First, you’ll need to get the clients connected to the network. For a network this large, you’ll need a lot of hubs: 107 10/100Mbps 48 port hubs will provide you with enough network drops to accommodate all of the users and still give you plenty of bandwidth in each collision domain. All of the computers attached to a hub will contend for network access with each other. Even with all 47 computers sending and receiving RDP packets, it will only take about 1.4 MB of bandwidth to satisfy their needs. Uplink the hubs to a large, fast switch capable of handling lots of data on its backplane. Many vendors offer large switches with the port density that you’ll need to accommodate your users.

For this environment, get a switch with a 10/100 port density of 120 (120 10/100Mbps ports) so that you can connect all 107 hubs to the switch over 100MB links and have 14 ports left over for connecting the Terminal Servers and the Internet connection. If you find through application testing that you need more Terminal Servers than the switch currently supports, you may need more ports later to connect more Terminal Servers.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»