Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services

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With Windows 2000, Microsoft has really paid a lot of attention to remote access. Windows 2000 has improved RAS configuration, native support for many VPN technologies, and a good help system. Microsoft really seems to be taking RAS seriously as a technology, which is a good thing for anyone who has to support remote users. In this chapter, we’ve discussed the design and placement of your RAS system, the various protocols associated with RAS and VPN technology, installing and configuring your RAS and VPN server in Windows 2000, and finally some things to think about when considering whether or not to upgrade your RAS server from a previous version of Windows.

Design and placement of your RAS server is key to the success of your entire remote access offering. Poor placement or inadequate hardware considerations can cripple user productivity over your remote connections. Don’t just stick your RAS server off in a dark corner and forget it’s there! Make full use of your bandwidth and place the RAS server where it’s going to do your users the most good.

Remote access has a lot more protocol choices available in Windows 2000. Trying to decide between PPTP, L2TP, or IPSec can be difficult. We went through each protocol and talked about what it did and how. We also discussed where they were appropriate to use, and the way to find more information on each of them. Protocols are the heart and soul of Windows 2000 remote access. Choose them wisely.

Installing Windows 2000 RAS services is made much simpler by the inclusion of an RRAS Wizard. This powerful tool is very helpful for quickly setting up your RAS environment, but makes some assumptions you may not want it to make. Always make sure you go back through the options after the wizard is done and make sure what it assumed accurately reflects what you want. We also went through setting up the VPN technology, including configuring the IPSec policies for each machine.

Скачать в pdf «Configuring Citrix MetaFrame for Windows 2000 Terminal Services»