Certified Wireless Network Administrator

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Vendor-neutral wireless network training and certification


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The Certified Wireless Network Professional Training & Certification Program is intended for individuals who administer, install, design, and support IEEE 802.11 compliant wireless networks. Because the CWNP program is vendor neutral, candidates who achieve the different levels of CWNP Certification will be trained and qualified to administer and support many different brands of wireless LAN hardware. Although there are many manufacturers of wireless LAN hardware, the technologies behind the hardware — Radio Frequency and Local Area Networking — are the same for each piece of gear. Each manufacturer approaches these technologies in different ways.

The CWNP program consists of 4 levels of certification:

Administrator — Site survey, installation and management of 802.11 compliant wireless LANs

Security Professional — Design and implementation of 802.11 security techniques, processes, hardware, and software

Integrator — Advanced site survey, design, bridging and integration of 802.11 compliant wireless LANs

Expert — Lab intensive approach to design, implementation, troubleshooting & repair, security and integration of 802.11 compliant wireless LANs

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Скачать в pdf «Certified Wireless Network Administrator»