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Using Your Sybex Electronic Book

To realize the full potential of this Sybex electronic book, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search installed on your computer. To find out if you have the correct version of Acrobat Reader, click on the Edit menu—Search should be an option within this menu file. If Search is not an option in the Edit menu, please exit this application and install Adobe Acrobat Reader with Search from this CD (doubleclick rp500enu.exe in the Adobe folder).


Navigate through the book by clicking on the headings that appear in the left panel; the corresponding page from the book displays in the right panel.


Use the Search Next button

To search, click the Search Query button on the toolbar or choose Edit >Search > Query to open the Search window. In the Adobe Acrobat Search dialog’s text field, type the text you want to find and click Search.

(Control+U) and Search

Previous button Щi (Control+Y) to go to other matches in the book. The Search command also has powerful tools for limiting and expanding the definition of the term you are searching for. Refer to Acrobat’s online Help (Help > Plug-In Help > Using Acrobat Search) for more information.

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Study Guide

Todd Lammle Carl Timm, CCIE# 7149 Sean Odom

Associate Publisher: Neil Edde

Acquisitions and Developmental Editor: Maureen Adams

Editor: Cheryl K. Hauser

Скачать в pdf «CCIP: BSCI»