C++Builder 6 Developer’s Guide

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Satya Sal Kolachlna

Technical review by Damon Chandler, contributing author of C+ +Builder 5 Developer’s Guide, and Thomas J. Theobald, former Technical Marketing Manager, Borland Software Corporation

C+ + Builder™ 6 Developer’s Guide

Satya Sai Kolachina

Wordware Publishing, Inc.

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Sai Kolachina, Satya.

C++builder 6 developer’s guide / by Satya Sai Kolachina. p. cm.

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Dedication and Acknowledgments

It is my pleasure and responsibility to dedicate this book to a few people without who I am incomplete in several aspects.

First of all, I mention my father, Sri Venkata Lakshmana Murthy Kolachina, and mother, the late Srimathi Kamala Devi Kolachina, who gave me this invaluable life, taught me human values, and with whose blessings, efforts, and encouragement I am now what they envisioned I should be.

Скачать в pdf «C++Builder 6 Developer’s Guide»