Building the Data Warehouse

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■    How to use warehouse data for DSS

■    When not to add data to the warehouse

■    What kind of data is not in the warehouse ■■ A guide to the meta data that is available

■    What the system of record is

Auditing and the Data Warehouse

An interesting issue that arises with data warehouses is whether auditing can be or should be done from them. Auditing can be done from the data warehouse. In the past there have been a few examples of detailed audits being performed there. But there are many reasons why auditing—even if it can be done from the data warehouse—should not be done from there. The primary reasons for not doing so are the following:

■ Data that otherwise would not find its way into the warehouse suddenly has to be there.

■■ The timing of data entry into the warehouse changes dramatically when auditing capability is required.

■■ The backup and recovery restrictions for the data warehouse change drastically when auditing capability is required.

■■ Auditing data at the warehouse forces the granularity of data in the warehouse to be at the very lowest level.

In short, it is possible to audit from the data warehouse environment, but due

to the complications involved, it makes much more sense to audit elsewhere.

Cost Justification

Cost justification for the data warehouse is normally not done on an a priori, return-on-investment (ROI) basis. To do such an analysis, the benefits must be known prior to building the data warehouse.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»