Building the Data Warehouse

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Archiving External Data    275

Comparing Internal Data to External Data    275

Summary    276

Chapter 9 Migration to the Architected Environment    277

A Migration Plan    278

The Feedback Loop    286

Strategic Considerations    287

Methodology and Migration    289

A Data-Driven Development Methodology    291

Data-Driven Methodology    293

System Development Life Cycles    294

A Philosophical Observation    294

Operational Development/DSS Development    294

Summary    295

Chapter 10 The Data Warehouse and the Web    297

Supporting the Ebusiness Environment    307

Moving Data from the Web to the Data Warehouse    307

Moving Data from the Data Warehouse to the Web    308

Web Support    309

Summary    310

Chapter П    ERP and the Data Warehouse    3П

ERP Applications Outside the Data Warehouse    312

Building the Data Warehouse inside the ERP Environment 314

Feeding the Data Warehouse through ERP and Non-ERP Systems    314

The ERP-Oriented Corporate Data Warehouse    318

Summary    320

Chapter 12    Data Warehouse Design Review Checklist    321

When to Do Design Review    322

Who Should Be in the Design Review?    323

What Should the Agenda Be?    323

The Results    323

Administering the Review    324

A Typical Data Warehouse Design Review    324

Summary    342

Appendix    343

Glossary    385

Reference    397



Databases and database theory have been around for a long time. Early renditions of databases centered around a single database serving every purpose known to the information processing community—from transaction to batch processing to analytical processing. In most cases, the primary focus of the early database systems was operational—usually transactional—processing. In recent years, a more sophisticated notion of the database has emerged—one that serves operational needs and another that serves informational or analytical needs. To some extent, this more enlightened notion of the database is due to the advent of PCs, 4GL technology, and the empowerment of the end user.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»