Building the Data Warehouse

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“Telling the Difference Between Operational and DSS.” In every shop, the issue arises: what is operational and what is DSS. This Tech Topic tells you how to tell the difference between the two environments.

“Time-Dependent Data Structures.” A discussion of the different types of data structures and their advantages and disadvantages

“Using the Generic Data Model.” Some corporations have a data model as a point of departure for the design of their data warehouse; others do not. The generic data model jump-starts the data warehouse design and development effort.

“What Is a Data Mart?” Data marts are a natural emanation from the data warehouse. This Tech Topic outlines the salient characteristics of the data mart.

“What Is a Data Warehouse?” This Tech Topic defines what a data warehouse is and what its structure looks like. This is a basic discussion appropriate to anyone investigating the world of data warehouse.

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access of data, global and local data warehouses, 216-219

administering design reviews, 324

agenda, design reviews, 323 airline commission calculation system, 130-131

algorithmic differential, 8 alternate storage, design reviews, 341 analysis example, EIS, 248-250

analytical program, 303 application-level partitions, 58 architected environment data integration, 19 levels of data, 17 migration, 277 architectural changes, naturally evolving architecture, 15 archival data, 74 external data, 275 operational window, 75 atomic data, 254 attendees, design reviews, 323-324

auditing, 64, 335 B

backflow, 337 banking systems,

granularity levels, 158, 162-163

building costs, 68-69 data warehouse

in ERP structure, 314 outside ERP

structure, 315 business needs, design reviews, 326

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»