Building the Data Warehouse

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“Performance in the Data Warehouse Environment.” Performance is as important in the DSS data warehouse environment as it is in the OLTP environment. However, performance plays a very different role. This Tech Topic is all about performance in the DSS data warehouse environment.

“Reengineering and the Data Warehouse.” Many organizations are not aware of the strong and positive relationship between reengineering and the data warehouse. This topic identifies the relationship and discusses the ramifications.

“Representing Data Relationships in the Data Warehouse: Artifacts of Data.” Design issues for the building of data relationships in the data warehouse

“Security in the Data Warehouse.” Security takes on a different dimension in the data warehouse than in other data processing environment. This Tech Topic describes the issues. Tech Topics are available from PRISM Solutions.

“Service Level Agreements in the Data Warehouse Environment.” One of the cornerstones of online operations is the service level agreement. Service level agreements are applicable to the data warehouse, but are implemented quite differently.

“Snapshots of Data in the Warehouse.” A description of the different types of snapshots and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

“Summary Data in the Data Warehouse/Operational Data Store.” Summary data has its own set of unique considerations. There is, for example, dynamic summary data and static summary data. Both types of summary data require very different treatment from the designer and the end user. This Tech Topic creates a taxonomy for summary data and relates the different types of summary data to the data warehouse and the operational data store.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»