Building the Data Warehouse

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“Monitoring Data Warehouse Activity.” Activity in the data warehouse needs to be monitored for a variety of reasons. This Tech Topic describes monitoring techniques and considerations, as well as a description of why activity monitoring needs to be done

“Monitoring Data Warehouse Data.” Although activity monitoring is very important, so is the monitoring of data itself in the data warehouse. The growth of the data, the quality of the data, and the actual content of the data are all at stake in this issue.

“OLAP and Data Warehouse.” Lightly summarized data has always been an integral part of the data warehouse architecture. Today this construct is know as OLAP or a data mart. This Tech Topic addresses the relationship of OLAP and the detailed data found in the data warehouse.

“The Operational Data Store.” The operational counterpoint of the data warehouse is the operational data store (the ODS). The ODS is defined and described in detail in this tech topic.

“Operational and DSS Processing from a Single Database: Separating Fact and Fiction.” An early notion was that a single database should serve as the basis for both operational processing and DSS analytical processing. This Tech Topic explores the issues and describes why a data warehouse is the appropriate foundation for DSS informational processing

“Parallel Processing in the Data Warehouse.” The management of volumes of data is the first and major challenge facing the data architect. Parallel technology offers the possibility of managing much data. This Tech Topic is on the issues of parallel technology in the data warehouse environment.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»