Building the Data Warehouse

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“Data Mining: An Architecture.” Using the data warehouse is an art. This Tech Topic relates the underlying architecture of the data warehouse to the sophisticated way in which the data warehouse can be used.

“Data Mining: Exploring the Data.” Once the data is gathered and organized and the architecture for exploitation has been built, the task remains to use the data. This Tech Topic addresses how data can be mined once the architecture is built.

“Data Stratification in the Data Warehouse.” How do you tell someone what is inside a 1-terabyte data warehouse? How many customers? Of what type? Of what age? Living where? Buying how much per year? This Tech Topic addresses the technique of stratifying data in order to create a library “table of contents” that describes the actual data content inside a data warehouse.

“Data Warehouse Administration.” With DSS and data warehouses comes the need to manage the environment. A new organizational function has arisen: data warehouse administration. This Tech Topic addresses the charter of data warehouse administration and other important data management issues.

“Data Warehouse Administration in the Organization.” Once the need for data warehouse administration is recognized, there is the question, Where should the DWA function be placed in the organization? This Tech Topic addresses the issues of the organization placement of the DWA function.

“The Data Warehouse Budget.” This Tech Topic addresses the different patterns of spending and the rate at which funds are spent. In addition, some suggestions for minimizing expenses are included.

uted metadata architecture that enables metadata to be simultaneously distributed and managed autonomously.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»