Building the Data Warehouse

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White Papers

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“Accessing Data Warehouse Data from the Operational Environment.” Most data flow is from the operational environment to the data warehouse environment, but not all. This Tech Topic discusses the “backward” flow of data.

“Building the Data Mart or the Data Warehouse First?” Although the data mart is a companion to the data warehouse, data mart vendors try to encourage people to build the data mart without building the data warehouse. This Tech Topic addresses the issues relevant to this important design decision.

“Capacity Planning for the Data Warehouse.” This Tech Topic discusses the issue of capacity planning and projection for both disk storage and processor resources for the data warehouse environment.

“Changed Data Capture.” The resources required for repeatedly scanning the operational environment for the purpose of refreshing the data warehouse can be enormous. This briefing addresses an alternative way to accomplish the same thing.

“Charge Back in the Data Warehouse DSS Environment.” Charge back is an extremely useful way to get the end user to take responsibility for the resources that are being consumed. This Tech Topic addresses the issues of charge back.

“Client/Server and Data Warehouse.” Client/server processing is quite able to support data warehouse processing. This Tech Topic addresses the issues of architecture and design.

“Creating the Data Warehouse Data Model from the Corporate Data Model.” This paper outlines the steps you need to take to create the data warehouse data model from the corporate data model.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»