Building the Data Warehouse

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sequential file a file in which records are ordered according to the values of one or more key fields. The records can be processed in this sequence starting from the first record in the file, continuing to the last record in the file.

serial file a sequential file in which the records are physically adjacent, in sequential order.

set-at-a-time processing access of data by groups, each member of which satisfies a selection criterion.

snapshot a database dump or the archiving of data out of a database as of some moment in time.

snowflake structure the result of joining two or more star joins.

spiral development iterative development, as opposed to waterfall development.

solutions database the component of a DSS environment where the results of previous decisions are stored. Solutions databases are consulted to help determine the proper course of action in a current decision-making situation.

staging area a place where data in transit is placed, usually coming from the legacy environment prior to entering the ETL layer of processing.

star join a data structure where data is denormalized to optimize the access of the data; the basis of multidimensional data mart design.

storage hierarchy storage units linked to form a storage subsystem, in which some units are fast but small and expensive, and other units are large but slower and less expensive.

subject database a database organized around a major subject of the corporation. Classical subject databases are for customer, transaction, product, part, vendor.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»