Building the Data Warehouse

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information data that human beings assimilate and evaluate to solve a problem or make a decision.

integrity the property of a database that ensures that the data contained in the database is as accurate and consistent as possible.

interactive a mode of processing that combines some of the characteristics of online transaction processing and batch processing. In interactive processing, the end user interacts with data over which he or she has exclusive control.

master file a file that holds the system of record for a given set of data (usually bound by an application).

metadata (1) data about data; (2) the description of the structure, content, keys, indexes, etc., of data.

microprocessor a small processor serving the needs of a single user.

migration the process by which frequently used items of data are moved to more readily accessible areas of storage and infrequently used items of data are moved to less readily accessible areas of storage.

million instructions per second (mips) the standard measurement of processor speed for minicomputers and mainframe computers.

multidimensional processing data mart processing based on a star join structuring of data.

near line storage data that is not stored on disk but is never the less still accessible; used to hold very large amounts of relatively inactive data.

online analytical processing (OLAP) departmental processing for the data mart environment.

online storage storage devices and storage media where data can be accessed in a direct fashion.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»