Building the Data Warehouse

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fact table the center of a star join table where data that has many occurrences will be located.

flat file a collection of records containing no data aggregates, nested repeated data items, or groups of data items.

foreign key an attribute that is not a primary key in a relational system but whose values are the values of the primary key of another relation.

fourth-generation language language or technology designed to allow the end user unfettered access to data.

functional decomposition the division of operations into hierarchical functions (activities) that form the basis for procedures.

global data warehouse a warehouse suited to the needs of headquarters of a large corporation.

granularity the level of detail contained in a unit of data. The more detail there is, the lower the level of granularity. The less detail there is, the higher the level of granularity.

granularity manager the software or processes that edit and filter Web data as it flows into the data warehouse. The data that flows into the data warehouse environment from the Web environment is usually clickstream data that is stored in a Web log.

heuristic the mode of analysis in which the next step is determined by the results of the current step of analysis. Used for decision support processing.

image copy a procedure in which a database is physically copied to another medium for the purposes of backup.

index the portion of the storage structure maintained to provide efficient access to a record when its index key item is known.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»