Building the Data Warehouse

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denormalization the technique of placing normalized data in a physical location that optimizes the performance of the system.

derived data data whose existence depends on two or more occurrences of a major subject of the enterprise.

derived data element a data element that is not necessarily stored but that can be generated when needed (age, current date, date of birth).

design review the quality assurance process in which all aspects of a system are reviewed publicly prior to the striking of code.

dimension table the place where extraneous data that relates to a fact table is placed in a multidimensional table.

direct access retrieval or storage of data by reference to its location on a volume. The access mechanism goes directly to the data in question, as is generally required with online use of data. Also called random access or hashed access.

direct access storage device (DASD) a data storage unit on which data can be accessed directly without having to progress through a serial file such as a magnetic tape file. A disk unit is a direct access storage device.

dormant data data that is very infrequently used.

download the stripping of data from one database to another based on the content of data found in the first database.

drill-down analysis the type of analysis where examination of a summary number leads to the exploration of the components of the sum.

DSS application an application whose foundation of data is the data warehouse.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»