Building the Data Warehouse

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CRM customer relationship management, a popular DSS application designed to streamline customer/corporate relationships.

cross-media storage manager software whose purpose is to move data to and from disk storage and alternate storage.

current value data data whose accuracy is valid as of the moment of execution, as opposed to time-variant data.

DASD see direct access storage device.

data a recording of facts, concepts, or instructions on a storage medium for communication, retrieval, and processing by automatic means and presentation as information that is understandable by human beings.

data administrator (DA) the individual or organization responsible for the specification, acquisition, and maintenance of data management software and the design, validation, and security of files or databases. The data model and the data dictionary are classically the charge of the DA.

database a collection of interrelated data stored (often with controlled, limited redundancy) according to a schema. A database can serve single or multiple applications.

database administrator (DBA) the organizational function charged with the day-to-day monitoring and care of the databases. The DBA function is more closely associated with physical database design than the DA is.

database key a unique value that exists for each record in a database. The value is often indexed, although it can be randomized or hashed.

database management system (DBMS) a computer-based software system used to establish and manage data.

data-driven development the approach to development that centers around identifying the commonality of data through a data model and building programs that have a broader scope than the immediate application. Data-driven development differs from classical application-oriented development.

Скачать в pdf «Building the Data Warehouse»